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With 20+ years of practice successfully representing clients in securities, antitrust, and consumer class actions, along with more mainstream lawsuits seeking recoveries for individual litigants, Marcus Bozeman has the experience necessary to produce positive results in any type of case.

“Marcus is as good as they come in brief writing and appeals.”
Former Arkansas Trial Lawyer of the Year
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From dispositive motions in complex patent actions and multi-state MDLs, to the most general motions to compel, Marcus Bozeman has assumed primary responsibility for drafting just about any kind of brief – many times over – throughout his legal career.  In the process, he has sharpened his research and writing abilities to produce a top-notch product with efficiency.

“I have . . . appreciated the excellent work you have done in legal research and legal writing.”
Hon. Floyd R. Gibson, Circuit Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit
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Since graduating first in his class at Little Rock’s Bowen School of Law, Marcus Bozeman’s peers have raved about his legal abilities. In the words of one former Trial Lawyer of the Year in Arkansas, “Marcus is as good as they come in brief writing and appeals.” Let the Bozeman Firm’s excellence be the secret weapon in your lawsuit.

Before a jury can hear your case, you need to get past summary judgment briefing. I can get you there.
Marcus Bozeman, Managing Partner, Bozeman Law Firm
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June 28, 2022
What to Know About (and When to Outsource) Legal Writing

Some people go into law school knowing how much writing will be needed during the course of their career; they may even look forward to the process (like me). Others find direction and fulfillment in client interactions, finessing the courtroom, and generating more leads. If you happen to be both, you are truly blessed and I invite you to skip down to the “When to Outsource Legal Writing” section. If you are the latter, or you find yourself pressed for time, stick around for my brief synopsis of legal writing and the value of outsourcing your important briefs.

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April 26, 2017
Nationally Known Little Rock Lawyer Announces New Law Firm

Arkansas attorney Marcus Bozeman, who has built a nationwide reputation litigating complex class action lawsuits alleging such things as violations of the country’s securities and antitrust laws, today enthusiastically announced that he has opened the Bozeman Law Firm, P.A. in Little Rock.

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